Vim has built-in sorting command which we can use to sort text , also vim supports invoking external command ,thus we also can use system sort to do so, let’s see some examples.

How to sort in vim alphabetically


How to sort selected lines in vim

First we can enable line number using command :

:set number

Then to sort selected lines by specifying line number

:2,10 sort

This will sort 2nd line to 10th line.

How to sort descending in vim


Note : there is no space between sort and !

How to do unique sort in vim

:sort u

How to sort in vim case-intensive

:sort i

Numeric sort in vim

:sort n

How to sort by column in vim

:%!sort -k2

This uses external system sort utility to sort all lines by the 2nd column , by default the field-separator is space.

To sort by column using specific field separator:

:%!sort -t ':' -k3

Here use : as field separator to sort by column number 3.

How to sort by line length in vim

:1,$  ! awk '{ print length(), $0 | "sort -n | cut -d\\  -f2-" }'
  • 1,$ stands for from 1st line the last line, you can specify your owns

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